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“Stand-Down” for Homeless Veterans

There are over 400 homeless veterans in Summit County, about ten percent of whom are women. Nationally, this number reaches into the hundreds of thousands, accounting for about 17% of the homeless population in the United States.

Deacon Wayne and Nathan Blice present a check to Laura Dunlop of Summit County Stand-Down

In 2010, Presentation designated homeless veterans as a focus of our parish outreach, and Father Ian asked Deacon Wayne to lead the effort. Since then Presentation has offered the annual Community Charity Pancake Breakfast, distributing 100% of all funds received to either the Summit County Stand-Down for homeless veterans, or the Copley-Fairlawn Share a Christmas Program.

We are grateful to the citizens of Summit County who patronize the Charity Breakfast and, in so doing, help to provide much needed services to the homeless veterans of our area.

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